Thursday, October 24, 2013

A new group!

I have been very down lately, and it's hard for me to feel ' inspired' enough to do anything in the art room... but...I have found a great art group that I bet will get me heading in the right direction. They meet once a month and I loved the first project I did. It was on using textures. I really liked using all the different items, changed my mind and pulled stuff off, glued more on and ended up with this. I think I should call it My Secret Garden.
Last thing to do is to seal it... do I keep it matt, or make it glossy???? HELP!
BASIC method was to use a thick substrate ( we used thick cardboard) apply first layer of texture with modeling paste and stencil and dry, glue on as much large and small items as you can, in a theme, ( try for a focal point) let glue dry, and then coat with gesso about 4 layers drying between layers. Then paint! Use spray inks, brush on acrylic paints, whatever... one color looks cool, or more, whatever you like. Dry, then seal.

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